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Our thirty  One years of experience, customer satisfaction and great savings make the difference

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Who We Are?

Happy Pool Cover is a proud Distributor in Connecticut of Cover- Pools Incorporated owned by ZODIAC. The World's Finest Pool Covers, focused in providing the best covers to homeowners that look for safety and savings. Our aim is to provide the best quality installation, service, maintenance and products at optimal rates.

Our thirty one years of experience and customer satisfaction empower our technical expertise to provide first class services and, at the same time, deliver on-time high quality solutions for swimming pools with tailor made covers.
You can trust us with your pool cover purchase because:
We have thirty years of experience on the field.
We offer competitive rates in the market.
We have experienced a tremendous growth due to customer’s satisfaction.
Happy Pool Cover focuses on creating the sense of safety and savings by offering the best quality in pool covers at a reasonable price. In addition, the expertise of thirty one years on the field is been put at the customer’s service in order to guarantee our product, customer support and maintenance.
Remember, customer’s satisfaction, safety and savings, is our main goal.


Because customer’s satisfaction is our main goal, our working standards are based on:
High work ethic
All these working standards have contributed to our success!
In addition:
  • We focus on the benefits we provide for our customer’s individual needs.
  • We present our product on a person-to-person approach to explain the how we will achieve the customer’s objectives.
  •  A well-trained team, and under strict manager’s supervision, provide services and maintenance for our products.
  • A list of satisfied clients and testimonials, easy to communicate with, is ready to be viewed upon customer’s request.
  • We work by keeping in mind your budget, and provide the best solution possible within that.
We, at Happy Pool Cover think out of the box to come up with solutions to your needs.
We are a licensed, nine years experienced company with twenty years on the field.
We care about customer preferences and give priority to customer concerns.
We establish trusting relationship with our customers based on our prompt response to their needs.
We offer very competitive rates based on customer’s budgets.
Our team is competent and experienced and the response to any problem is immediate and efficient.
Dealing with our company means you can have a full team ready to offer the best customer support and maintenance.

What We Have Done? 

A picture worth a thausand words, right? Here we go: Under Track